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So gruduated. Well. Sort of. I still have to wait a month to find out about my diploma. Pretty sad. I actually graduated with good grades, which really surprised me a lot. But since the state made the End of Course Exame (formely known as the WASL) mandetory to recieve your diploma, it's really screwed me over. The math part of the exam is what I really sucked at. But I studied for a whole month non-stop up to that test. So hopefully I passed, wish me luck btw please!

Still though, aside from that. I am officially a graduated high school student. Which means I am now like the rest of you, and part of regular society. I had plans to go to the Art Institute, and had everything pretty much arranged, but that State Test, man, really screwed me over. But I'm still trying to do something with my art. For example. Me and my comic group LETHAL LEAD Comics, have recently been trying to finish a lot of our comic projects. I recently learned from a friend of mine that a city near my town is holding their very first comic con. The special guest of honor apparently will be STAN THE MAN LEE! That's reason enough for me to go. But also, I just found out Artist Alley is looking for people to buy some of the open table spots to fill them up I guess. The price this year is 150 dollars. This sounds like a great oppurtunity for our comic group to get some recognition. So I'm going to work hard this summer on comics, trying to self-publish some comics, and hopefully, the final part of the goal, have a booth set up in Artist's Alley. So wish me luck on that too please!

As for my recent artwork, the black, the white, and of course the red portraits i've been drawing. If it seems like I'm drawing them out of some form of depression, it's actually the opposite. Honestly, my dad for my graduation present got me the 20th anniversary edition of the Hellboy Animated dvd, which came with an awesome original Hellboy comic. I was looking at some of Mike Mignola's comic covers, and decided I wanted to give it a shot. To give my own comics cool covers basically. The difference between mine and Mike's work is obviously our style. His is more planned, and honestly more clear than mine. My art is pretty abstract, with lots of lines, and a lot of inspiration from both american comics and Japanese Manga. Also, a big difference between our comic covers is his seem to be more dark, while mine focus on three main colors: Black, White, and my favorite, Red.

So that's a short little explanation for that.

I will also be getting back into doodling monster drawings and goth art for my fans of my dark art. And for my comic fans, I have some treats coming, but I want to get them COMPLETELY done before I start uploading. So please be patient. I will try to doodle up some cool monsters and portraits to sustain your "sick-side" for as long as it takes me to finish up at least the first issue of one of the comics.

Another one of the comics that will be showing up sooner rather than later is one that will be along the lines of TFCS, but a little bit more demented.... Oh, and all the characters are horrible rag-doll puppets. So, enjoy that.

As for me personally, I recently discovered there is a small mouse living under my computer desk. He hangs out by my scanner (which bothers me a bit because I hope he doesn't chew on the wires out of boredom or curiosity one day) and my computer tower which is also subsequently on the floor (same problem I wish doesn't happen). I can't bring myself to kill the little bugger, so I kind of just feed it crumbs and stuff whenever he decides to come out. I have taken to calling him Nibbler.

Ironically my brother has a small mouse that lives in his closet that he's been feeding for a while. The mouse used to be small but now is pretty much a golf-ball of fat. lol.

Alright, now that I prolly wierded out a good lot of you, that's my journal update. Sorry it wasn't that humourous, but you can easily cure that by punching your local clown in the stomach with a bat! I imagine clowns puke rainbows or ice cream or something, idk. Toodle Doo!

:iconclapplz: :iconsmoker9: :iconclapplz:


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Born and raised by wolves, oh wait, that's another story. No, I was born and raised in Washington by a semi-normal mother and a semi-normal father. At a young age I started to realise the key importance to why I draw and that is the thought that crossed my mind when I was about six or so, that thought was, "Wow.... Reality... Sucks!" And it was from that thought that I began to draw worlds and people that I wanted in the real world. I created hundreds of fantasy places that came from the deepest parts of my dreams. And now I'm here, on deviantart, which I gotta say is the best website for artists I've come across, and I'm fullfilling my dream of becoming a famous artist. I mainly draw with ms paint, or paper and pencil, sometimes pen too. I am a freelance artist so I will do art for people for a price. Points, money, or even negotiated trade. If you want me to draw something for you, just send me a note and we can discuss it and the payment. I don't charge huge, my price range is mainly five, to ten bucks, pending on the project. Anyways, that's pretty much my bio for now. Glad to let you guys get to know me a lil better. Hope you enjoy my artwork and the art that's to come. Soooo, laterz.

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